Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

I've just been reading the absolutely gorgeous blog of the very talented and superlatively imaginative ric rac ( and boy does the OPH one pale in comparison. Thanks, ric rac, for brightening up my day and giving me the pretty I need to get through the long, dark days of ickystickymud, coldretainingconcretewhichfreezestoes (tip: don't wear wellies on a building site in winter) and swathesofdirteverywhere.

Not that I'm complaining (much). To be honest, I couldn't be happier, considering I'm almost literally a pig in the mud at the moment: the weather's mild enough for us to be able to get on with the job with not one delay so far, and the progress has been brilliant thanks to a team of hardworking tradespeople and the best client in the world (aka my husband), who might be a slave driver but is as dedicated to the task - and skilled - as the professionals. Our suppliers have been incredibly helpful and accommodating of our budgetary restraints and finicky amends (lots of both) and my children have been admirably accommodating of my neglect of them over the past number of weeks. So thanks, everyone.

And thanks to my fabulous supporters. As always, keep up with the progress, feel free to write comments and offer advice (some creative ideas for space saving storage and colours would be great right now) and keep sending us good vibes. To date, the roof is more than half on, our wonderful brickie has built us a retaining wall and started on the lowest levels of outer leaf bricks, first fix electrics are in and plumbing started, and the most wonderful accidental find of a chippie has installed the fascias, bargeboards and soffits as well as all the internal noggins and door linings.

Next week we continue with the brickwork and plumbing so I'll post again then. Meanwhile enjoy your few days off. I know I will!

Friday, 2 December 2011

More pics

For those of you wanting more, come and see for yourselves (go on, you know you want to). Meanwhile, feast your eyes on MY NEW HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just three days of building and this is what it looks like already. We have another couple of days to go, and then next week begins the roofing, and the following week is dedicated to the plumbing and electrics. Today I walked through the ground level and plotted the light switches and plug points. I looked through the kitchen window on to the deck, through the living room window to gauge the evening light, imagined the flow and the placement of furniture and the parties we are going to be having there.

And for all the excitement over having walls up and a roof skeleton in place, it's the thought of a home filled with my people that is the most thrilling to me. So come. Now, next week, next year even. Just come.