Saturday, 17 September 2011

Permission granted

We've just being granted permission! Am I allowed to be excited? NOW I am!

Oh my goodness, it's hard to put into words (I know - you don't hear that often from me, do you?) the joy, relief and enthusiasm I feel, after so many months and so much anxiety and so many negative thoughts that have had to be forcibly banished. To say I'm thrilled would be like saying South Africa won the rugby this morning. To say I'm a little nervous would be like claiming that England's a little wet this autumn.

Sorry, clearly my emotions are wrecking my ability to hold down an intelligent diatribe.

Suffice, for the time being, to say that the work really starts now. The fence is up (tick), the water connection's planned for next week (large tick) and this weekend's going to be filled with ordering plants and getting my suppliers lined up, in theory anyway.

Yay! Or maybe, just this once, I'll allow myself a little stylistic licence and say: YAAAYY!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Oh frabjous days

Have you ever enjoyed days which are just 'made' for you? I've had a few - and like to think that if they happened more frequently they would, like proper chocolate and West End musicals, cease to be treats - and the latest was just last week. The day started ordinarily enough. I had to pop up to town to run a few errands, and while I was there I took advantage of rare kid-free time to find the belt for which I'd been looking for ages. First stop was Top Shop, not my usual hangout but it does do fab accessories. After scouring unsuccessfully their entire belt range I was about to give up when I spotted exactly what I'd been searching for on the sale rack. No tag attached, so I took it to the cash desk and asked the assistant there for the price. She went off to ask her manager, who returned to tell me - with a very broad smile - that it was old stock and I could have it for nothing.

Whaaaaat? When does THAT ever happen? I couldn't believe it - not that it's worth more than a couple of quid but that someone had been so, well, NICE! After beaming all the way home, I burst through the door intending to tell my visiting Mum about my little experience, but before I did I tore open an envelope that had just arrived through the letterbox, to find a beautiful handmade card (see below). Inside it reads: "Welcome to Shenley. Hope everything goes well with your building and you enjoy living here." and is signed by the family members from a few doors down, whom we met a few weeks ago when they nipped over to say a cheery hello.

Do I feel welcome? NOW I do! Was my day made? You bet it was.