Monday, 12 March 2012

With thanks to ric-rac ...

... for this fabulous quote: "Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When is does not exist, design it." Sir Henry Roy

Although I can only dream of being able to design anything at all - never mind the brilliant, beautiful and smile-making designs of the talented ric-rac ( - I can do this: take Sir Henry's quote to heart and strive for perfection. Or at least, in my case, for the best I can do given the limited time available at any given moment.

In this given moment, that means researching kitchen options to death, making my choice confidently, and then shutting out any further thoughts about kitchens. It means standing in B&Q on a Sunday morning with three sprogs darting in and out of the nearby aisles playing tag, one eye on them and the other scanning the shelves for the perfect white. And then just picking one. I know to most of you that seems like the easiest task ever, but for me white is most definitely not white. Most are too creamy, too yellow, too white (yes!), too pastel and too nowhere complementary of the existing paintwork white (Farrow and Ball's Strong White, since you asked). My choice of wall paint for most of the house was made for two reasons in about four and a half minutes: 1. out of the seven on my shortlist, it was in plentiful supply on that particular shelf and 2. the kids were starting to frazzle my attention span.

Perfection it is not, this house-building malarkey. I'm learning to make snap judgements and live with them. I'm learning to trust my gut (witness the kitchen saga - and yes, I do feel the Ikea kitchen is the best choice on a budget, and that's after MONTHS of research and angst). I'm learning to not faff too much about, well, anything. I've even learned that the addition of colour on the walls here and there could be a good thing (a lesson taught by my lovely husband, although once which I have yet to see put into practice, or at least on to the walls - watch this space for future angsting!).

And I've learned that the opinions of my friends are invaluable. So thank you to everyone who's popped by to offer an opinion or advice. Always welcome. As is your painting arm :)